HAG Capisco Chair by Crayfourds
Hag Capisco Chairs
HAG_Sofi Mesh Chair by Crayfourds
Hag Sofi Chairs


HAG_Tribute Chair by Crayfourds
Hag Tribute Chairs




We at Crayfourds offer ergonomic non static seating from RH and Hag to promote exercise at work which can bring many health benefits, including higher morale and better productivity. So why sit statically all day when we know this is not conducive to good health & efficiency. Crayfourds has been dealing with products from Scandinavian Business Seating who has recently changed its name to FLOKK UK for main years and has a productive working relationship.

We also promote Cube Quadro and Flow Electric Sit Stand desks otherwise we would be saying one thing and doing something the complete opposite.