Cube Flow Electric Sit Stand desks

In 2015 Cube Design launched a new series of sit/stand desks; Flow. The Flow desks give you – as the word suggests – a good workflow. It is not a coincidence that we have chosen Flow as the name for our new sit/stand desks. When you have a sit/stand desk instead of a regular desk, you have the opportunity to change your work position which ensures you a future with as little pain as possible. By changing your work position once or twice an hour you will reduce many risk factors caused by a sedentary office work.

As a standard Flow has many advantages whereas one of them is anti-collision. Anti-collision ensures you that the sit/stand desk always stops before damaging or destroying the obstacles (pedestal, person, storage, lamp or similar). You can read more about the advantages that Flow has below.

Flow is available with either rectangular or cylindrical columns.